Fixing teeth with fashion braces, can it be done?

Fixing teeth with fashion braces, can it be done?



Admittedly, that in our time braces are not only meant for fixing teeth but also for fashion and beauty.

It is what most people think about, so that they can be at the same social level as anybody else.

That is why fashion braces has been invented. Why do people do this? Are they satisfied for having braces fashion, but will not fix their teeth, unlike real braces?  Why do people still do it? Because people in the society think that if you smile you will look cute and prettier and people will notice you more and they will think that you are rich because real braces normally are expensive and only few can afford it, but by using fashion braces they can look the part for only at least a thousand Bath, depending on the quality.

But there are great risk in using fashion braces, some are bought in stores and some are done by uncertified dentist, they may risk their teeth from damage caused by unhygienic practice and material used accumulate bacteria and germs.


But people have different reasons for having braces, some for fashion and others to fix their teeth, but their end goal is to be happy with their smile.