Damon Braces or Conventional Braces, which ones are better?

Damon Braces or Conventional Braces, which ones are better?


Many people ask this question, especially those who are about to have braces, if whether conventional braces are better or Damon braces. This article will have the answers for you. Both system are will do very well for you and they don’t have much difference in correcting your teeth. The only difference will be the length of time in wearing it and the price.


Conventional Braces


The metal is placed outside your teeth is one way to fix your teeth. Patient will wear the braces for a long time. This procedure is very common in Thailand.

The procedure is not difficult, the dentist will put the braces in front of our teeth and will use rubber band to put the braces in place and adjust teeth little by little.

The color of the rubber bands can be changed in different colors every month.

This is very popular to teenagers. The price for this kind of braces are not too expensive it’s around 30,000-50,000 baht.


Damon Braces


Damon baces is one of the latest innovation in Orthodontics. The procedure is done is such a way that mechanics in pulling teeth to arrange teeth is very gentle and painless, it does not include any rubber bands, instead it uses slider. It is easier to control and does not come off as easily as rubber band and gives faster result than the conventional braces. But this system is not often used by many dentist because the price is much higher than the conventional way. It costs about 60,000 Baht to 75,000 Baht. This system is suitable for adults who do not want to wear colorful braces.


In conclusion, the two braces have different advantages and disadvantages. If you are a teenager and not in a hurry to correct your teeth, then conventional braces is for you, it will also save you a lot of money. If you are a working adult, and wants to shorten the length of correcting your teeth and willing to pay more, then you may choose Damon braces. But whether which ones you pick you have to ask the dentist for advice because each case is different from others and the dentist will tell you which ones is best for you.